Lax Oversight of Propety Exemptions Costing New York City Over $500 Million in Lost Tax Revenue

New York City is losing an estimated $173 million in tax revenue due to lax oversight of changes in property ownership from tax exempt entities to for-profit institutions and individuals, according to a report entitled New York City Uncollected Millions, issued by District Council 37 ASCME AFL-CIO. The report states that many property exemptions are issued in error. (more…)

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The Dream Act – Making It Work Without Breaking The Budget

The New York Dream Act can be a strengthening measure for New York’s future—with some major modifications. The key is to eliminate those provisions that result in greater benefits for the children of illegal aliens than tax-paying U.S. citizens while not losing sight of the fact that productive members of society will be contributors on a skill level and as generators of tax revenue for this country over the longer term. (more…)

The Case for Biometrics in Reducing Fraud

One of the worst things New York City could do, financially speaking, is to eliminate the requirement for electronic fingerprinting for people receiving food stamps and other benefits from the U.S. government. In fact, the use of electronic fingerprinting and other forms of biometrics should be expanded throughout the country to prevent literally billions of taxpayer dollars from being wasted through improper payments and outright fraud committed by recipients collecting under multiple identities and other creative methods. (more…)