Election Fraud in New York State — Can Things Get Any Worse?

The ultimate degradation of any political system is election fraud and New Yorkers should be horrified and concerned by developments that unfolded in Troy, New York last week regarding some politicians’ involvement in this criminal activity.

Some key politicians, including Clement Campana, Troy City Council President, were indicted for voter fraud that included forging signatures on absentee ballots and supplying false information on a number of ballots in relation to the Working Families Primary that took place in 2009. More frightening is the implication that the practice of falsifying information on absentee ballots to swing an election is widespread.

Without honest elections, we are at the mercy of a criminal element and no better than other nations throughout history that have fallen due to corruption. While there may be many honest politicians in office, we need more whistle blowers both inside and outside the government sector who will protect the interests of the American people.

With the latest developments on voter fraud uncovered by Special District Attorney Trey Smith’s two-year investigation, additional measures to prevent campaign fraud must be put in place to restore voter confidence in the system. Corruption is eating away at our political system and extraordinary vigilance is required to restore political integrity.


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